Risk Management and Safety

Minimal risk leads to optimal safety. Through regular facility and operational evaluations, workshops and seminars, helpful articles, educational materials and risk management consultations, NYSIR works with member districts and BOCES to identify, mitigate and control exposures and hazards.

Our mission is to help subscribers provide a safe environment for students, staff and visitors, and to assist in protecting their physical assets. We also strive to help subscribers reduce the cost of claims and litigation through risk-transfer strategies such as contractual transfers and insurance procurement agreements. Those goals are accomplished through regular facility and operational evaluations; the development and presentation of workshops and regional seminars; the publication and dissemination of informative articles and educational materials; and risk management consultations with subscribers.

  • NYSIR’s Safety and Risk Management Program which details the services available at no additional charge to all NYSIR subscribers. Click here for full description of program.

  • NYSIR Subscriber’s Resources – Subscribers have access to enhanced risk management, safety materials, presentations, sample forms (waivers and releases, permission slips and insurance requirements) and other programs from the NYSIR Website.

  • NYSIR’s Online University offers on-line training 24/7 to the staff of all of its subscriber school districts.

Member Risk Management Resources

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