Risk Management and Safety

Minimal risk leads to optimal safety. Through regular facility and operational evaluations, workshops and seminars, helpful articles, educational materials and risk management consultations, NYSIR works with member districts to identify, mitigate and control exposures and hazards.

Our mission is to help subscribers provide a safe environment for students, staff and visitors, and to assist in protecting their physical assets. We also strive to help subscribers reduce the cost of claims and litigation through risk-transfer strategies such as contractual transfers and insurance procurement agreements. Those goals are accomplished through regular facility and operational evaluations; the development and presentation of workshops and regional seminars; the publication and dissemination of informative articles and educational materials; and risk management consultations with subscribers.

  • NYSIR’s Safety and Risk Management Program which details the services available at no additional charge to all NYSIR subscribers. Click here for full description of program.

  • NYSIR Subscriber’s Resources – Subscribers have access to enhanced risk management, safety materials, presentations, sample forms (waivers and releases, permission slips and insurance requirements) and other programs from the NYSIR ebsite.

  • NYSIR’s Online University offers on-line training 24/7 to the staff of all of its subscriber school districts.

Online University

The University web site has been completely remodeled and expanded offering several new courses, including:

  • The Dignity For All Students Act Course is designed for school district and BOCES employees who need annual training in this program and covers all required aspects of this training and also includes a number of excellent resources. It is not designed for DASA Coordinator training or for NYS Licensing and Certification. This training session lasts approximately 30 minutes.

  • Brand New to the Online University is NYSIR’s Training for Building Level Emergency Response Teams. This course is designed for Building Level emergency response team members to help them provide a strategic and precise response to different emergencies. The course includes a review of Section 155.17 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education Concerning School Safety Plans; emergency response team plans; handling emergencies as well as a list of resources. This program covers the annual training requirements for emergency response training and lasts approximately 45 minutes.

  • NYSIR’s Head Injury Prevention Program (HIPP) has three new training modules. These modules provide an overview of NYSIR’s HIPP and the role of Concussion Team Members; Discuss Concussion Awareness, Recognition and Response to Potential Head Injuries and include a module on Return to Learn/Play. Each of these modules has a short quiz which must be completed in order to receive credit for the course.

  • The Playground Safety program has two courses. There is one for playground monitors and supervisors on the techniques for supervising students on playgrounds. The second course is for custodial and facilities personnel and covers conducting playground inspections.

  • The Special Education program has one course which is designed to aid individuals in better understanding the referral and evaluation process for students who may need Special Education services.

  • Another feature which is being built in the Online University are Resources. In each of the modules on the right hand side is the Resource Folder. Pertinent support materials are being added to provide users with additional useful information related to the training topic(s).

Access the Online University

Click here to access the NYSIR Online University

If you are already a user, your Login ID and Password have not changed. If you are a new user, page down to the “I am a New User” and click on the “New User Registration” button. It takes only a few moments to register.

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