Meet the Executive Director

Robert W. Lulley, Jr.
Executive Director
Ph: 516-640-3053

Robert W. Lulley, Jr. became the Executive Director effective January 1, 2017 after serving for 15 years as executive vice president of Wright Public Entity, NYSIR’s management company, which provides claims management, marketing, risk management and underwriting support to the reciprocal.

As the leader of Wright Public Entity, Lulley helped NYSIR successfully grow its subscriber and premium bases and add new coverages and services for member districts and BOCES. In his role as NYSIR executive director, he brings with him a wealth of experience and a daily working knowledge of the reciprocal and its personnel.

Lulley’s 30-year insurance career also has included stops at Aetna Life and Casualty and Capital Mutual Insurance before coming to Wright, where he began in sales. Over the years, he was promoted to chief underwriting officer and president of Wright’s Program Services Division.

“NYSIR is the state’s largest insurer of public schools,” Lulley notes, “and it has achieved that degree of success by working closely with school districts and BOCES to deliver not just comprehensive liability and property coverages, but the highest levels of claims, underwriting and risk management service. NYSIR subscribers can count on us to continue to provide high quality coverage and service well into the future.”


2017 – Robert W. Lulley Jr.
2015-2016 Tom Austin Former Interim Executive Director,serving onceagainas Assistant Executive Director; board member,Scholar Re and Scholar Associates.
2012-2015 Lee Gaby Moved on to bea Risk Management Consultant, headquartered in Connecticut.
2002-2012 Joseph A. Goncalves Currently serves as Chief Risk Officer ofScholar Associatesand serves as President of New York Schools foundation.
1996-2002 James B. Johnston Currently serving as Advisory NYSIR Board Member and President ofScholar ReinsuranceBoard.
1991-1995 Peter J. Weber Currently serves asAdvisory NYSIR Board Member and Acting Chief Executive Officer for Scholar Associates.

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