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On this page we've consolidated links to our ever-evolving resources of COVID-19 articles, documents, and resources.

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05/29/20Equipment start-up following an extended shut down period
Guidance for machinery, electrical installations and mechanical systems from HSB.
05/21/20Five Elements of Risk and Crisis Communication
Communications Planning in Advance Can Help Schools Avoid Risks Down the Line
04/20/20Jurisdictional Boiler Inspection Update
With schools on PAUSE due to the coronavirus pandemic, so are jurisdictional boiler inspections.
 03/24/20Cyber Tips
J. Brett Carruthers, CSP, RSSP Director of Risk Management The current situation is posing significant challenges...
 03/17/20COVID-19 Memo
Dear NYSIR member, With the fast-moving coronavirus (COVID-19) impacting school districts across New York, we want to a...
03/16/20NYSIR Risk Alert COVID-19 and School Closure Reminders
As schools across the state close due to the COVID-19 pandemic, here are a few reminders to prevent property losses....
03/06/20Coronavirus Disease 21019 (COVID-19) NYSIR Special School Policy
We have received several inquiries about the applicability of the NYSIR insurance coverage as it relates to the Coronavirus...
03/05/20Guidance on Coronavirus
The coronavirus epidemic is garnering significant concern as it spreads in the United States and more cases are identified in New York State.


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